Useful performance insights through relevant call analytics

Relevant, useful analytics are clearly displayed in easy to interpret graphs, giving you a visual understanding of your businesses call performance, that you need to improve your customer’s experience.

View detailed call analytics on any device, anywhere

Important management information is immediately available and easy to interpret via our user-friendly graphic-producing reporting tools and is accessible from any device, anywhere in the world.

Data You Need in Just a Few Clicks

Our call analytics cover both inbound and outbound calls, so nothing is missed

The VoIP call analytics reporting engine lets teams view their performance, and identify areas in need of performance, in just a few clicks. And because powerful doesn’t have to mean complex, with just 2 more clicks you can drill down on the data to an individual call record with the, optional, call recording attached. Simple and Powerful, that’s the Chilli Comms way.

Let the data lead the way

Give management the power to make improvements based on the data

You have the data, so don’t let it go to waste. Managers can quickly and easily implement changes to how their team handles calls through our drag and drop call flows. If the data shows that calls are going unanswered on a Monday morning, then a manager can add a new user to answer calls on a Monday morning in 3 clicks. It really is that simple.

The benefits are there for every business

Any business can improve through relevant VoIP insights

Detailed customer communication analytics can be invaluable to any size of business when working to ensure you deliver the best customer experience possible. When the data is telling you where to improve, you can be confident in making the right changes.

Drive Improved Business Communications Efficiency

Through Insightful Call Reporting

Call Recording

Retrieve a call recording in just a few clicks, provided you have the required permissions, thanks to our user-centric portal interface. Call Recording can even be initiated mid-call, even from a mobile device.

Call Flows

Manage all your devices and numbers simple, in one easy to use, drag and drop portal. With our hosted solution anyone can configure a phone system.

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