Call recording drives customer service improvements

Being able to listen to previous customer service or sales calls quickly and easily through our easy-to-use call recording feature gives you the power to identify areas in need of further training or process enhancement.

Call recordings that are always waiting in the cloud

With our cloud-based call recording feature you have access to live and historic call data and recordings instantly, from anywhere, on any device. All you need to listen to or to download a call recording from our user-friendly portal is a web browser.

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Find and listen in just 3 clicks

Simplicity is at the heart of the Chilli Comms software

Embracing call recordings and using them to enhance your customers experience couldn’t be easier, thanks to our award-winning software. It is our philosophy that once you have logged in, you can locate what you are looking for in no more than 3 clicks.

Every call matters

Whatever the device, we’ve got it covered

With Chilli Comms, businesses have the flexibility to be able to forward calls to external numbers and devices thanks to our unique number management functionality, safe in the knowledge that every call will be fully recorded and quickly and easily retrievable from the call history section of our web-based portal.

Security is in-built with our call recording

When you need to take payment details over the phone, simply pause the recording

To ensure PCI compliance, if your staff need to take a customer’s payment details over the phone, at the touch of a button they can pause the recording and then restart it once all the payment details have been given. And our in-built roles and permissions hierarchy gives the flexibility for users to have access to their own data via our award-winning panel, with the security of access to sensitive data only given to those who should have it.

Call Recording Facilitates Customer Experience Enhancements

Call Flows

Manage all your devices and numbers simple, in one easy to use, drag and drop portal. With Chilli Coms anyone can configure a phone system.

Call Analytics

Embrace the power of detailed call analytics. You can make big changes through our simple call flow when you understand your team’s performance on inbound and outbound calls.

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