Embrace the synergy of integrating our Hosted System with your CRM

When your customer calls you, their phone number is recognised and your CRM system automatically displays their details on your screen, so you know exactly who is phoning before you even take your eyes off your screen. Or call your customer by simply clicking on them from within your CRM.

Voice Calling

The simplicity and convenience of Click 2 Dial using your desk or soft phone.

Data & Reporting

With instant reporting it’s easier than ever to keep track of your clients, staff, and records.


Seamlessly managed across your phone, CRM, and auto log calls.

Screen Popping

Your clients’ details brought to view, instantly, without a single click.

Boost your sales team with the power of click 2 dial

With Click 2 Dial you never need to manually dial a number again. Simply click on any phone number in your CRM and the call is seamlessly made via your desk or soft phone.

Log important details from the call right there in your CRM. And then, if the customer calls back, these details are there, in the customer record that automatically pops up on your screen.

Monitor and improve your team’s performance through the visibility of real-time call data, recording* and logging.

Thanks to the instant screen popping feature, you no longer spend the first vital seconds of a call searching for the customers records.


Integrate seamlessly with SalesForce and empower your team to control their desk phone from their PC, improving their performance and their communications with your customers.

  • Screen Popping

  • Click 2 Dial

  • Call Logging

  • Integrated Contacts


Make manually dialling a phone number a task of yesterday. When our system is integrated with HubSpot the experience is enhanced for your team and your customers.

  • Call Activity Logging

  • Call Notes

  • Click 2 Dial

  • Contacts Sync

Microsoft Dynamics

And our hosted systems

Improve efficiency and watch your sales team become empowered like you’ve never seen before, thanks to a hosted phone system that’s harmoniously integrated with Dynamics 365.

  • Screen Popping

  • Contact Sync

  • Integrated Dialler

  • Click 2 Dial

Ready For A Supercharged Hosted Phone System?

Call Recording

Retrieve a call recording in just a few clicks, provided you have the required permissions, thanks to our user-centric portal interface. Call Recording can even be initiated mid-call, even from a mobile device.

Call Analytics

Embrace the power of detailed call analytics. You can make big changes through our simple call flow when you understand your team’s performance on inbound and outbound calls.

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