Introducing Chilli Comms Hosted, our powerful hosted telephone system.

With the dramatic changes in business communications that have been rapidly brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenges this can present to businesses, Chilli Comms introduces the solution; our powerful hosted telephone system, Chilli Comms Hosted.


Whether you are looking for a modern, flexible telecom solution for hot-desking, hybrid working patterns, full-time remote workers, or have the need to be able to do business anytime, from anywhere, a hosted telephone system is the perfect solution. And a feature-rich, easy to use hosted phone system from Chilli Comms has got you covered, with the power to bring all of your existing phone numbers and devices under one user-friendly management system.


With the choice of working seamlessly with an IP handset, a softphone on your device or WebRTC from any browser, all you need is an internet/data connection and you are free to make and receive communications from any device, anywhere in the world.


Setup is easy, despite being a powerful, fully-featured hosted platform that partners beautifully with leading CRM systems to facilitate Click 2 Dial, screen popping, detailed but easy to interpret call analytics, call recording* and being able to see which users are on the phone. Utilising the simplicity of drag and drop technology, anyone can configure a hosted phone system from Chilli Comms.


The Chilli Comms Hosted phone system also offers a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, so existing Teams users can use their Microsoft devices as their phone extension.


Starting from as little as £6.95 per user, per month, including FREE calls to standard UK local, national, and mobile numbers (01, 02, 03 & 07) and whether you just need one phone and one line or are looking for an easy-to-use yet feature packed, multi-site, multi-user solution, the Chilli Comms Hosted platform is the right solution for your business.


You will find full details of what our hosted platform has to offer here. Alternatively, you can Contact Us to find out more.

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