No matter where you are in the world or what device you’re on, you can always see who’s on the phone.

It’s the new way to see who’s available
Reclaim valuable desk space by saying goodbye to the days of huge receptionist consoles. With Presence Panel each user can easily configure their own software, so they can have availability visibility of only the users that they need to. Seeing who’s on the phone, who’s calling someone, who’s available and who’s set their phone to DND has never been simpler.
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Manage Your Devices From Your PC

Break free from your desk
Not only does our VoIP Presence Panel allow you to easily see who’s on the phone, it gives you the power of the phone system in a click of a mouse. It’s as simple as choosing the user you wish to call and whether you want to call them from your desk phone, mobile app, WebRTC or desktop soft phone.

Multiple Locations In 1 Screen

Having multiple offices in multiple locations is no longer an issue
View all your staff in different locations from one screen, thanks to our VoIP Presence Panel. The Chilli Comms hosted phone system picks up any system user, on any system device, no matter where they are in the world.

See Who’s On The Phone Through Presence Panel

Call Recording

Retrieve a call recording in just a few clicks, provided you have the required permissions, thanks to our user-centric portal interface. Call Recording can even be initiated mid-call, even from a mobile device.

Call Flows

Embrace the power of detailed call analytics. You can make big changes through our simple call flow when you understand your team’s performance on inbound and outbound calls.

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