What is SIP?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is basically telephone calls that route over a broadband connection.

SIP Trunks are an IP-based telephony service infrastructure that can deliver a whole host of added benefits and features that can help to solve real business telecommunications issues almost overnight, all while working towards making a company more efficient. In addition to the many technical benefits of using SIP Trunks, they are quite simply more robust and more cost effective than older ISDN technology.

Is SIP expensive?

No! With SIP Trunks from Chilli Comms, you will benefit from free calls to standard UK local, national and mobiles numbers (01,02,03 & 07) and great low rates on international numbers. You can also be safe in the knowledge that our SIP Trunks protect against fraudulent calls being made through your lines and running up large call bills. This is done by setting a very low daily and weekly call spend limit at network level. We can do this because your bills should be incredibly low with our free call package!

Future-proof Scalability

From a one handset, working from home business to larger, multi-site operations, SIP Services represent freedom from costly and in-flexible infrastructure and sometimes excessive ‘future-proof purchasing’ capital expenditure. You just start with what’s needed today and add tomorrow, as your business grows – it’s really that simple. And because SIP Trunks and their associated features are not dependent on the purchase of any additional hardware, any changes, enhancements, and scaling are near instantaneous!

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