At Chilli Comms we take pride in being there to provide telecoms support to our clients when they need it. That’s why our service to you does not stop as soon as we have sold you a telecoms solution.  We will continue to service, support, and maintain your telecoms equipment, ensuring that your business’ telecoms solution continues to run smoothly throughout the duration of its serviceable life.

Our hosted system gives you the best of both worlds

Even if you have had a brand-new telephone system installed, it is important to ensure that you have a strong maintenance and support solution in place will ensure that you receive the support need, when you need it, minimising the impact any telephone system issues could have on your business.

Although your new telephone system will of course come with a manufacturer warranty this will usually only be for 12 months, will only cover hardware failures and will mean significant inconvenience, and potential phone system downtime, when having to return any faulty equipment back to the manufacturer for repair.

To help shield you as much as possible from the impact of potential phone system issues, Chilli Comms offers a range of telephone system maintenance and support packages, ranging from a low-cost but effective offering through to more comprehensive levels of cover.

We know that the telecommunications requirements of no two businesses are the same, so we have the flexibility to be able to tailor a bespoke telephone system maintenance, support, and care package to fit the requirements of your business.

Here are some of our customer's we've helped!

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