Perfectly Integrate Teams
users into your hosted
phone system

Teams users can use their Microsoft devices as their phone extension.

Our hosted platform allows your office to run on a cloud-based phone system, with access available to users via a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.

Our hosted system gives you the best of both worlds

Our hosted system customers can connect an array of devices (mobile, desk phone, computer phone, landline phone) to their account and easily manage how, and where, they receive their calls and the setup of the other system features.
By utilising the hand-in-glove Teams integration, Teams users can make and receive phone calls on their devices, through their Teams account, as they would any other device on the system.

Only incur Microsoft subscription charges for the Teams users that you decide can make external calls, thanks to our know-how. And for those Teams users that don’t connect with the hosted phone system, everything continues as normal, including the Microsoft subscription charges.

With Teams integrated to the Chilli Comms hosted platform, phone system users can be connected to a desk phone, or utilise our WebRTC feature, while Teams users can choose to connect with their Teams devices. Not everybody wants to be restricted to having to use their laptop and UC tools, and now, thanks to our hosted platform and Teams, they aren’t.

Your phone number is your most precious communications asset. And that’s why, because who knows what might happen, nothing is left to chance when it comes to protecting your prized asset through our resilient, award-winning platform. Our hosted phone system platform allows you to route calls to any number, even if it’s not on our platform, on any device.

With the Chilli Comms hosted phone system, any external phone number can be fully integrated into your phone system and become a valuable part of your businesses telecommunications structure. And that’s a first for a VoIP solution.

Unleash even more power from Microsoft Teams

Pairing the Chilli Comms hosted phone system with Microsoft Teams results in a unified communications super-system for your business, giving you the benefits of a fully loaded hosted phone system, while continuing to utilise the strengths of the Teams UC features.

Multiple users, multiple devices

Each user can choose their own preference of devices to use, via Teams or the Chilli Comms hosted platform

Manage call flows easily

Any changes you need to make to your call flow can be done quickly and easily via our user-friendly portal, with no need to get bogged down with navigating configuration settings in Teams

We play with any number

Our award-winning platform, together with its industry-leading integration, allow users to transfer calls to anyone, even someone using a public payphone.

1-click call re-routing

Re-route calls to any device with just 1-click without the need for complex configuring. Perfect for switching between home and the office.

Personalised call flows

It’s not often that anyone knows how a call flow should be set than those in the ring group. So now, individual staff can have their own unique call flow.

Save on call costs

Make and receive calls via Teams over our Tier 1 providers, negating the need for expensive, blue-chip telecoms providers.

Cheaper calling plans are all part of the package

Enjoy free calls through Teams

When you integrate Teams and your Chilli Comms hosted telephone system all calls are made under your Chilli Comms call plan. That means unlimited calls to UK landline and mobile numbers, as well as competitive rates to international numbers, without the need to purchase any additional calling plans through Microsoft

Integrating License


A Microsoft Phone System add-on is required for integration. This is included with some plans or is available to bolt on for around £6 from Microsoft.

Your Teams licence includes the use of a soft client via mobile/pc, meaning that you can chose to use Teams as your appointed desk phone.

When Teams is integrated with your Chilli Comms hosted phone system, all calls are covered by the Chilli Comms calling plan, meaning you no longer need to purchase expensive Teams calling plans.

Bypass the phone system functionality limitations of Microsoft Teams. Once integrated, full function configuring is done, simply, via our web-based portal.

If you’re looking for call recording, you won’t find it on the Teams platform. But don’t worry, once integrated, you’ll benefit from the optional call recording feature available on our hosted platform.

Call transferring is limited within Teams to only other Teams users. That means you cannot transfer a call to colleagues who use the phone system but not Teams or to external numbers, such as a mobile. Once integrated though, you can.

Chilli Comms

Continue to enjoy the Teams UC features you know, with the benefits of a beautiful integration with our hosted platform, all for one low monthly cost with the included Teams integration on our Enterprise plan.     

Every Chilli Comms hosted platform licence allows you to use any physical device, Teams device or softphone. And Teams users can even opt for a further two devices in addition to their Teams softphone.

All our licences include unlimited calls to UK landline and mobile numbers, as well as fantastic rates on international calls. And when integrated, calls made through Teams are covered by your Chilli Comms talk plan.

The near-endless PBX features offered by our hosted system gives your Teams licence a full-blown phone system super-power. This includes details call analytics, presence panel and our beautifully simple drag and drop call flow.

When selected, our optional call recording feature, with 1-click play and download and no storage or time limits, covers all calls made via Teams also.

When your Teams users are integrated with our hosted phone system, they can transfer calls to any colleague, any number, anywhere.

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