Introducing Our New Hosted Platform

With 2020 dramatically changing the way businesses around the globe communicate with one another, Hosted Telephony is the go-to business telecoms solution for the new working environment. 

As the business tele-communications landscape witnessed unparalleled change Chilli Comms experienced unprecedented demand for modern, flexible telecom solutions from clients who suddenly, and unexpectedly, found themselves with employees that are hot-desking between the workplace and home or have become full-time remote workers, while others had a sudden need for being able to do business on the fly; anytime, anywhere!

With our Hosted solution we were ready to meet our clients’ needs, being able to set up and deploy solutions for hot-deskers and remote workers quickly and with minimal fuss. Our Hosted solution also offers a mobile app which turns your existing smartphone into a softphone extension of your Hosted system, enabling you to make, receive and transfer calls within your organisation wherever you might be!

So whether you require one line and one phone or an easy-to-use multi-site, multi-user solution, our Hosted platform is the right solution for your business. Our simple, but powerful Hosted solution starts from as little as £6.95 per user, per month. This comes with two lines and includes FREE calls to standard UK local, national, and mobile numbers (01,02,03 & 07).

Any device, anywhere in the world.

A feature-rich, easy to use hosted phone system that simplifies number management.

A hosted system from Chilli Comms is the perfect partner for, or the perfect replacement of, your existing phone system. It has the power to bring all your phone numbers and devices, both business and personal, under the simplicity of one user-friendly management system.

Any device, anywhere in the world.

All it needs is an internet/data connection

Whether you’re after a desk phone, dect cordless phone or conference device, choose from our wide range of VoIP phones from leading manufactures including Snom, Yealink and Polycom. If you already have an IP phone that you’d like to keep, give us a call and, if it’s possible, we will manually provision it for you.

We offer a range of soft phones for mobile, destop and browser, available to download with one click provisioning.

Our VoIP licences include next-generation communications via WebRTC as standard. Simply log in to our Hosted Platform from any browser, anywhere, to make and receive calls. No downloards or additional hardware required.

For the first time in a VoIP solution, any external phone number can be included in your phone system. Any number can be fully integrated into our hosted phone system.

Easy setup in minutes, no manual required

Use drag and drop technology to effortlessly manage all your devices and numbers, in one easy to use portal. With our hosted solution anyone can configure a phone system!

A powerful hosted phone system that partners beautifully with leading CRM systems

Our powerful hosted phone system can integrate with the leading CRM platforms. Get even more out of your phone system with Click 2 dial, screen popping and call analytics

See who’s on the phone, wherever you are

No matter where you are or where they are, even if they’re on their home landline in their living room, see who’s on the phone with our User Presence Panel.

Embrace call analytics to drive improved performance

Thanks to detailed call analytics, you can better understand how your team performs on inbound and outbound calls and easily make any necessary changes through our simple call flow.

Want to easily be able to listen back to a call?

With our optional call recording feature you can. Our user-focused interface means you can retrieve a call recording in just a few clicks. And remember, for security and compliance purposes, only users who have been given the required permissions can listen to call recordings.

Our technical excellence keeps your phone system working, always

Our network masterminds ensure exceptionally high system availability

No matter how good a phone system may be, when it’s a hosted solution, ensuring high system availability must be a core priority. That’s why the system is hosted in 3 data centres across the UK and Ireland and is delivered through software defined networking being agnostic of any individual phone server.

Platform Uptime
Core infrastructure 99.99%
Handset Registration
Registrar 99.999%

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